Does the People Only Mode interact with the motion sensitivity and advanced zone settings?

My old door chime button is too low to hard wire my Ring Doorbell 2, so I’m stuck with recharging the battery more often than expected. No matter where I set the motion zones, the Ring Doorbell 2 seems to pick up every vehicle that passes. Not too bad on cloudy days, but for reasons unknown to me it is far more sensitive on bright sunny days. If I shrink my motion zone down it doesn’t pick up much of anything, so I turned the motion sensitivity up to about 75% and now it is picking up vehicles in the street even though the street is not in my selected zone. If I enable ‘people only mode’ will my advanced motion zones still be enabled and will the motion sensitivity level still be enabled. Do these 3 functions (Motion Sensitivity, People Only, Advanced Settings) work interactively together, or is one or the other but not all? It is tedious to change settings, then wait for someone to walk by or drive by to see what happens.

Hi @JamVal. Getting the Doorbell to pickup motion the way you would like can be a bit of trial and error. We do have a Community post that outlines the steps needed to optimize your motion detection that can be found here. I would recommend reading that and making the necessary adjustments.