Does the new wired Spotlight Cam suffer the same record delay as the battery Spotlight Cam?

Hoping the wired Spotlight Cam has the same recording characteristics as the Floodlight Cam. I see that the Plus version has a pre-roll function (no Color), so I’m optimistic…

Hi @PennValley. Could you describe the delay you are having? Typically, a delay is caused by a poor RSSI. It’s also normal for there to bit of a delay, less than 5 seconds, for your device to give you a notification. But yes, they do have similar recording characteristics.

Hi @Tom_Ring - I’m merely referring to the normal delay that the battery operated cameras experience after sensing motion to “wake up” in order to save power. I just wanted to confirm that the hard-wired versions of the Spotlight Camera do not experience that lag, and immediately begin recording (preferably with pre-roll) after sensing motion.

Hi @PennValley. With Pre-Roll, you should not experience any lag. You will be able to see what caused the motion with your recording.