Does the Keypad act as a Z-wave repeater / range extender

I am trying to understand the features built into the keypads better. Do they function as a range extender / z-wave repeater themselves?

If not, what broadcasts z-wave signals in the ring family for your network of devices. I understand the base station would do this and the range extender, anything else?

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Keypad is just a keypad.

Only the base station and dedicated alarm extenders do this.

That is a good question. I was thinking about buying one for this very reason. Z-Wave protocol is any device that is wired acts as a repeater. Only battery devices do not. It should be a repeater …

So, what I am getting out of this is that any device that is “plugged in” to AC power would act as a repeater? Is that correct?

So, if the Keypad is plugged in, would that be a repeater? Or is the plug simply for recharging?

Hi neighbors! The Keypad does not function as a range extender for your Ring Alarm sensors. Only the Range Extender will extend the Z-Wave network for your Ring Alarm sensors. You can also read more about Z-Wave networks here. I hope that helps clear things up! :slight_smile: