Does solar charger (attached - not panel) have same limitations as hardwired

I am looking at the Solar Charger for Battery Doorbells (2nd Generation) for my Ring 2. This is not the panel version but the attached solar charger type.

My question is does the Solar Charger have the same limitations as hardwired set up - that is at freezing (32F/0C) does it not charge the battery.

I currently have hardwired and all I can find at Ring information is “When the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, the battery will stop accepting the external charge and may run out of power.”

To me that tells me that the attached (not panel type) solar charger will just have the same issue - that it won’t charge the battery when its gets to freezing.

Anyone know if that’s correct.

Hi @TJJJ3. Yes, even with a Solar Charger attached to a Doorbell during really cold weather conditions, the battery will have less effective trickle charging or will not trickle charge at all.