Does Security Alarm set off camera sirens when triggered?

We had someone attempt to break in our home. Purchased the Ring Security Alarm, and multiple other cameras. It’s all set up linked with one another. Have it set when alarm sounds all cameras start recording. Question is if alarm is triggered do the cameras also set of their Alarms? Thank you.


They do not. It’s been asked many times. Ring has passed the request along though. Maybe in a future update.
I also asked it outside lights could strobe or flash as well if the alarm goes off.


Hopefully they’ll get that worked out and pushed to us in an update. Sirens and the lights would definitely wake neighbors and hopefully scare anyone trying to gain access into a home. I appreciate you responding to this thread.


Nice suggestion to add external sirens and flashing strobes.


This feature is absolutely needed as I was shocked that they do not have this in place already due to a lack of an actual outside siren!!! Ring needs to get on one or the other now!


I would really like this feature also. Right now I am using a work around using Home Assistant on a Rasberry Pi Computer attached to my network. It works oK but would be nice to have this as a feature since the ring alarm doesn’t have an external siren and can’t be heard outside the house. They already have the ability to activate the lights and start recording why not add a feature to set off the siren also. Shouldn’t be a hard thing to add. I know from a software prospective you would need the ability in the API but they already added lights and recording to the API, I don’t see why they can’t incorporate this. This would really be a selling point for the system.

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Hi Neighbors! This is a great idea and I can absolutely see the value in this! The best way to get this idea to the appropriate team is to head over to our Feature Request Board and make sure to upvote this idea!

The Ring Teams notice the requests with a large number of “Thumbs-up” votes. You are NOT alone in wanting this feature. This and variations of this idea are already on the Feature Request Board. Make your voice be heard and add your “Thumbs-up” vote to these links by clicking on the Thumbs-up Icon that is on the left side of the author’s initial beginning post (I’ve probably missed a few similar links) :

Submitted by WesleyAldred :…

Submitted by DrTej :…

Submitted by DanHolloway :

Submitted by MikeP :…

Submitted by Leslew :

Submitted by PaddyMc :…

Submitted by Rand :…

UNITE and Thumbs-up VOTE! Get Ring Team’s Attention!

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@Miltime22 ,

@DanHolloway noticed today that Ring has listened to all the Kudo votes on the numerous “Feature Request” board (listed in this thread posted 09/19/2020) and the camera sirens can also now be linked to the Alarm Base Station siren!

So, I immediately went to my Ring App to link mine also! But, I was briefly disappointed when I tried to do it because I did not initially see any change in the App. It initially appeared to still only make the cameras record when the alarm sounded . . . until I looked more closely. So, yes, the camera sirens CAN be linked now by:

  • Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Linked Devices > Alarm Sounding >

After selecting “Alarm Sounding”, this is where I was briefly disappointed because I thought it was still just to select the cameras to only record. Then I noticed the “Explanation-Point” Icon, just right of the “Camera” Icon. Now I understood that by selecting this “Explanation-Point” Icon, it links the camera’s siren to the alarm too! So after selecting “Alarm Sounding” then:

  • Select “Explanation-Point” Icon for the cameras you wish to sound off their siren with the Base Station > then “Save”.

Wonderful! Thank you Ring! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

FYI to: WesleyAldred , DrTej , MikeP , Leslew , PaddyMc , Rand