does ring video doorbell 2 have an AUDIO motion alert feature?

If so, how do I activate it? thanks

Hi @colreed, can you please elaborate on what you mean by audio motion feature?

It is not an “audio motion feature” as your question asks, but rather does the motion alert feature of the ring doorbell have an audio sound that alerts me that there is motion at the door?

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@colreed To have an audible notification when your Ring Doorbell detects motion, please follow these steps:

  • Open up the Ring app and go into the main menu
  • In the menu, select Devices and then your Ring Doorbell
  • Select Device Settings and then Alert Settings
  • Select App Alert Tones and then you can select the sound you’d like for Rings and Motions, as well as changing the volume

You will be able to have the Doorbell make a chime noise or an audible voice alert like “Someone at your Door.” Hope this helps!

very nice,
Chelsea, that solved all my issues.


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