Does Ring Spotlight Cam have internal memory or SD card ?

One of my Ring Security Cameras (Spotlight Camera - Battery) is too far awat from the wifi extender in our warehouse (And I’m addressing that issue soon), but in the meantime, does the camera have any type of internal memory for video storage ?

I know it would be limited, etc… but does it have internal memory or a slot for SD card ?

Thanks in advance,

Hey @acmemopars. The Spotlight Cam does not have an internal memory feature to it, and therefore the only way to access recordings will be the ones recorded and stored via your Protect Plan when the device is online and operating as it should, connected to wifi. Hope this helps clear this up for you. :slight_smile:

My spotlight cam recorded video even while my internet connection was down. Does the cam have some internal storage that buffers while internet service goes down? Does it send the buffered video once t