Does ring indoor camera works with 5V/1A power supply?

Hello all,
As I am thinking to go full Ring setup and I was wondering if Ring Indoor camera works with 5V/1A power supply? As I already have Schneider electric USB power outlets installed close to the cameras location (now using different solution but it is out of support). I prefer not to change it as they are not cheap and they really hidden so they do not ruin the look of the walls :slight_smile:

So before I order them I would like to ask (if no one knows it) if there is someone here with Ring Indoor camera can you test it if 5V/1A is enough to power it and work both day and night without problem :slight_smile: Thank you.

Hey @AYD. This sounds like you have a great setup going! It’s possible the Indoor Cam may work with it, but please note that the Indoor Cam comes with a power adaptor through Micro USB that supplies power through the adapter at 5V/2A. Since your power supplies it at 5V/1A, it may not be able to provide enough power to the Indoor Cam for it to stay constantly powered and online. You can learn more about how this may or may not work in this Quora post I found online here. If you do give it a try, feel free to come back and let us know if this works out for you! If the product ends up not being the right fit, you can always return it within 30 days with us here if you purchase via! :slight_smile: