Does Ring edge require internal eero network still?

I am trying to use ring edge.
I bought but haven’t setup a ring alarm pro base station.
I have a large house and have 4 Unifi Access Points- I don’t want to replace that.
But if I want to use ring edge, only devices connected DIRECTLY to the ring Eero mesh router would work right? Which also means id probably have to buy other eero mesh units to cover my property for the cameras. Seems a bit much to be running 2 seperate networks in my property. Am I missing something? Anyone running 2 networks?

Hi @user79610. You are correct. In order to take advantage of Ring Edge with your devices, they have to be connected to the Ring Alarm Pro. It would be up to you if you wanted to replace your current wifi system or run two wifi systems. If you do decide to run two routers, I recommend looking into the advantages and disadvantages.