Does ring alarm have feature that will announce when a door or window is open or closed?

I believe last I used ring alarm only had chimes but what about some sort of announcement?

When would it sound? When you open the window or close the window or when it is simply open and not actually being opened or closed?
A full home security system usually has those features and can show the window state when the system is in the disarmed state or when it is armed. It would use wireless or wired detectors on the windows and doors. That is what I have.

Hi neighbors. We have Chirp Tones available for Contact Sensors that will have audible alerts play from the Base Station and Keypad when the Sensor goes into an open status. My solution in this Community post will give you the steps on how to enable this. If you have Echo devices, you can create a routine to have your Echos announce if the Sensor on a door or window has been opened with words and not just a sound. To do so, you have to enable the Ring skill in the Alexa app and then create a routine for each Sensor you want to do this for. I hope this helps.

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