Does not show color

Help? I just set up our first Ring product, the Ring Doorbell 2, and am only getting black and white video. Doesn’t matter if I’m inside with the lights on or outside in the dark, the night vision is constantly activated. Have scoured the app and cannot find ANY options for abling/disabling color night vision or night vision in general… unlike what others have suggested. The app is vers 5.21.0. Under devices, I have toggles for ring and motion alerts and then buttons for event history, motion snooze, linked chimes, device health, motion settings, device settings, help content and shared users beneath the Live View button.

In device settings, I click on video settings and am only given toggles for HDR, Live View and Audio Streaming and Recording. Suggestions?

There isn’t an option to disable night vision.

If it states the version of the firmware in the settings that means it is NOT up to date (it says “Up to Date” when on the latest).

I suggest you contact support and have them troubleshoot it with you. Something isn’t right with the device.