Does listener lose memory of alarm sound if you leave battery out too long?

Hi All - I followed what I had read here and took the battery out of the listener while testing our smoke/co detectors (Nest). I left it out for about 15 minutes then put the battery back in, and closed it up. I had a tamper alert in the app so, following instructions found here, again… I opened and shut the listener. Done. All good. Says it’s listening.

My question is, by taking the battery out and leaving it out for 15 minutes, did that erase the listener’s alarm sound training? Do I have to do it again? (hope not)


Hi @Nick2022. No, removing the batteries from your Smoke & CO Listener temporarily should not impact any of the settings, including the alarm testing. Once you put the batteries back in, the Listener should reconnect and continue functioning as expected. Removing the Smoke & CO Listener from the Ring app or resetting it will, and you’ll need to set it back up and repeat the testing process in that case. I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

I had the question above. I should have mentioned that, Now, I am concerned about how long you can leave the batteries out. I did for probably 20 minutes while I dealt with my smoke alarm issues. Then, I popped the battery back in. It’s online now. So it can still maintain its settings despite the batteries being out for so long?

(sorry for the confusion)

@Nick2022 Removing the batteries from your Smoke & CO Listener does not erase settings, and you do not have to re-do the alarm testing because the batteries were removed. Hope that clears things up for you.

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