does hardwired to bell wires charge battery in ring 2?

Will attaching the ring 2 to existing door bell wires charge battery?

I don’t understand how it could, since doorbell wires only have one hot and one return to bell.

If it does charge will the power source change from battery to electric?


Hey @Kaptain. Hardwiring your Ring Doorbell should give it about a 10% trickle charge each day. You can learn more about this added benefit in our Ring Help Center Article here.

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How does it charge?

There is only one hot wire coing into door bell and a return to chime?

If it says 97% charged how long should it take to 100% charged?


When I originally brought my Ring Video Doorbell by mistake I purchased a power charger.

I was wondering if I could connect the two wires to the doorbell connections