Does Each Mechanical Chime Need a Power Kit?

I have a large house that has two mechanical chimes. I installed the Ring Pro about 6 months ago and mostly working fine, but lately have noticed the indoor chimes sometimes not ringing when the doorbell is pressed. (Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.) The “Device Health” says Transformer voltage is good everytime I check it and is typically over 4000 mV.

Question: I only recently thought of this, but do I need a Power Kit installed on BOTH indoor mechanical chimes? Right now I only have it on one.

Hey @TexasMan. Does the wiring for the Doorbell Pro go to both of these internal chime kits, or does one connect to the other without the Doorbell in the middle? If both of the internal chime kits are connected with a wire to the Doorbell wires, I recommend installing a Pro Power Kit on both internal chime kits!

No way to tell. I guess I’ll just install another one and see what happens. Thanks.

I was wondering about this also… I’m moving into a new home with an older Ring Video Doorbell 2. The home has two interior mechanical chimes wired to one doorbell. I’m not sure if they are piggybacked or each wired directly to the doorbell. Does it make sense to put on pro power kit onto each chime?

I saw additional pro power kits on sale on Amazon if needed.

Hi neighbors! In most cases, when there are two chime kits in a home, they are wired in series and there will be a primary or main chime kit. When this is the case, only one Pro Power Kit is needed, and should be placed in the main chime kit.

If you have multiple chime kits dedicated to different buttons, and/ or are installing multiple Doorbell Pros, you would indeed need a Pro Power Kit at each chime. Check out our Wiring Diagrams for the Doorbell Pro to see what is recommends, and for a visual on what the install should look like. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: