Does car cam share work for anyone?

Ring car cam. Does share video clip work for anyone? I’ve tried repeatedly over weeks to share a 20 second clip, get: “This video needs to be processed in our system first. We’ll notify you when your share link is ready.”

How many hours or days does this process take? I’ve yet to get any notification or see any clip appear anywhere in the Ring app.

I’ve also chosen download. No results. Where is the download supposed to appear? How many days should it take? Will it be located within the Ring app? I’ve tried share and download while sitting in my car with engine on powering the Ring Car Cam and watched video on my Ring app from that very moment from the Car Cam, so it is connected to either wi-fi or the AT&T radio network.

Will this ever work? (The fact that there is no car cam category above suggests Ring isn’t serious about addressing the product’s bugs)


An update with a new failure in Ring’s shoddy software. By some miracle I manged to create a clip. At least I was told I had. But apparently I didn’t.

On my Android phone, I received this Ring notification: “Your video clip is ready to share.” I clicked on it and the Ring app opened. Then I was stuck. I saw no sign anywhere on any menu or option of a clip or of an interactive form to fill in an e-mail address or text number to share to.

So I opened a chat with Ring support. They told me the video clip is displayed under History. It is not. Support offered no solution nor any steps to address this failure of Ring.

I see no reason to opt in to the protection plan after the trial ends when the main reason for paying for the plan does not work and Ring has no solution.


Hi @user40178. For this concern, I’d recommend following up with our support team. I know you mentioned speaking with our chat team, however they have a more limited scope of troubleshooting. It would be better to contact our support team either by phone at one of the numbers here, or by social media by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.

Given that the Ring Community is a public forum, we’re equipped to help with general troubleshooting tips and tricks. Our support team can take a deeper dive on this issue and escalate it to the appropriate team if needed after gathering any relevant device information.

I appreciate the advice and did contact Ring Support which took down all the info on my experience and promised to pass it up the chain, but wasn’t able to offer any solution. However, I did figure an alternative way to watch/share 20 sec clips from “Drive” recordings:

Even when the “your video clip is ready to share” doesn’t prompt you to get to the next step, the video clip is accessible. On the Ring app, go to Control Center > Video Management > Shared Video Management. There you’ll find any clip you set to “share” or “download” which you can play on the phone. Those clips have a URL ending with a .mp4 extension. If you click on that URL/link, at least with Android, it will download (or copy?) the video file to your Google Files folder. And, if you copy the URL and e-mail or text it, others can click on the link and play it, presumably from the cloud.

Also, after I posted a review on Amazon, an Amazon Executive Community Support Representative reached out to me. He conceded the clipping/sharing structure is confusing, and part of my problem was what I expected to happen when I selected “share” for a 20 second clip from a “drive” recording. In fact, I learned, your clip is not supposed to be uploaded to the cloud and generate a cloud link for you to share, ie not same as behavior for “live” and “motion” recordings. With clips from “drive” events, the clip is uploaded to the cloud, but the sharing of it is from a file downloaded to your phone.

At least that’s how I understood his explanation. But the bottom line is that even if it is a bit clunky, in having to go through the Control Center, you can get 20 sec clips of “Drive” events off of the Car Cam and share/download them. So, the answer to my question in the heading for this thread, is yes, car cam share does now work for me.