Does Car Cam collect diagnostic data from OBD port?

I am very hesitant to plug a Ring device into my OBD port that then has cellular connectivity. Insurance companies have devices which collect a ton of data from your vehicle. First, there are disclosures about the data they collect and they do not collect this data in real time. Can someone from Ring confirm that data is NOT harvested from my vehicle? The only data I expect the device to use is related to battery/power. Is there an alternate way to power the device? Sorry…I have HUGE trust issues with Ring/Amazon. Just seems like I am paying for a device and monthly service that then gives them all the data from my vehicle. Additionally, it appears to open two additional risks - the ability for data to be written deliberately to my ECU as well as the potential for the the connection to be hacked and exploited.

There are a ton of articles that recommend to never connect a 3rd party device to your OBD-II port. The same articles state you should NEVER attach a device that has network connectivity. I’m just wanting to hear from Ring on this topic. What assurances are provided? With so many professionals stating you should never do this, why does Ring do this?


This is a good question and needs to be answered by Ring. But they do tend to lie and disconnect in chat when you are asking something they don’t want to answer sadly.

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Very good question! I had/have the same concern. I did verify that the ring ODB II connector IS connected to the cars CAN-BUS. I’m sure they do this to know when parking mode should change to live mode and back. I agree… Ring needs to address exactly what communication is occurring and why.

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The camera knows when you are driving and when the engine is off, so theres obviously some sort of communication going on.

Hi neighbors, this is a great question. Ring Car Cam only collects battery voltage information from the vehicle to monitor and improve performance. This data is not linked to your account.

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Ring… Amazon… Whoever… Are you willing to disclose exactly what module parameters are monitored / communicated with on the CAN-BUS? Or is this something I need to capture and post?

To ‘monitor the voltage’, you don’t need to connect to the vehicle’s CAN-BUS network.

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Hi @HappyValleyST. I’m happy to chime in. No other information is collected apart from what Caitlyn has mentioned in the solution.

I’m just NOT satisfied with the side-stepping messages in this forum. It’s BS and everyone knows it! That in itself is enough to BAN RING for LIFE, no exceptions! Now, READ the question and ANSWER IT, without side-stepping.

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