Does anyone’s Ring work???

Hi guys. Bought a Ring 2 off Amazon a month ago. This thing shows video sporadically but never ever can catch a live human at the door. It SOMETIMES shows live view. I’m so confused about how this product can be so popular when it doesn’t work. I feel bummed bcz I’d love to be able to interact with delivery people or see video or even see live view whenever I need to. I set the router channel for this product to dedicated IP and that didn’t help. I’m sad that I drilled holes in my house for this thing. Any advice before I just return this thing to Amazon?

Hey @BrattyLori. Happy to help here! What does your Live View look like for your Doorbell? If you attach a screenshot, I can help with any placement repositioning you may need to do. In addition, if you go into your Motion Settings, please let me know how you have this set up as well! Lastly, what is the RSSI for your device? You can learn more about RSSI and what it means in our Community post here.