Does anyone know what qualifies for State Farm homeowners discount?

I am considering getting Ring Alarm Pro and Protect Pro. Does anyone know what I need in order to qualify for a homeowners discount from State Farm? My State Farm agent gave me a bunch of stuff but he didn’t know anything about Ring:

To quality for alarm discount either:

  1. Fire and/or Burglar alarm reporting to fire dept/police dept OR Central Station.
  2. OR, Burglar Alarm System, fire or smoke local alarm
  3. OR, Fire or Smoke detectors that also activate either a digital dialer or voice synthesized telephone dialer.

Can any of the Ring plans provide what is required?

Hi @patjdixon. With Professional Monitoring, the Ring Alarm System, when equipped with the appropriate sensors, is monitored for both burglary and fire. Our central monitoring station will follow a process that ultimately contacts the authorities or fire department, if need be, for alarming events at your location. We have this Help Center page here that will guide you on how to obtain your Professional Monitoring Certificate for your insurance company once your Professional Monitoring is active. We also have a Help Center page with more information on Professional Monitoring. I hope this helps.