Does anybody have a working 3rd party z-wave outside alarm siren?

Since Ring still doesn’t have their own or a ‘Works With Ring’ external alarm siren, has anybody found one that works with the Ring alarm system reliably?

Or, alternatively, has anybody tried an outside z-wave siren that Does Not work with the ring alarm system?

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Good News! :smile:

Now, besides being able to link Ring indoor and outdoor Camera sirens to the Ring Alarm Base Station siren (but not Ring Video Doorbells), in the U.S. and Canada you can now also pre-order the new Ring Outdoor Siren Alarm with Lights!
Expecting shipping to start on 3/31/2021 on these pre-orders.

For in the U.K., I believe Ring will start accepting pre-orders on 3/31/2021 and you can enter your email address on this link below to be notified when pre-orders start there.

I hope people find this information helpful :smiley:

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