Does Alarm Pro Router need to be the primary?

We’re considering purchasing the Alarm Pro system and also the latest doorbell camera. The website states, “Alarm Pro is designed to be the primary router for your home. It should not be added to an existing wifi network.”

Comcast is our internet/TV provider via a modem, i.e… So I shouldn’t plug the Alarm Pro into the Comcast modem? A RING rep to disregard that message, that the Alarm Pro doesn’t need to be our primary router. Confused? Any input is appreciated.

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Hi @NomoreADT. I recently upgrade to the Ring Alarm Pro myself. Since the Ring Alarm Pro has an integrated EERO system, you can connect it directly to your modem and use it as your primary WiFi router. If your Comcast system is a Modem/Router combo, I would reach out to them and see if you can swap it for just a modem. Let me know if that answers your question!

@Tom_Ring MUST the base station be the primary network (as stated “Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as your primary router and must be directly connected to your modem, replacing your existing network.”). I have a mesh network with ethernet backhaul for each end point. This covers my 3200SF home from my basement up to the second floor of my home. Removing the mesh system and replacing it with the base station is costly (since I already paid for the mesh network and can’t return it) and will not perform as well (since the base station can only cover 1500SF and likely won’t reach my second floor as easily as the mesh end point that is sitting on the second floor plugged into an ethernet port that goes down to my DSL modem).

Hi @heyjcm. The Ring Alarm Pro must be setup in it’s entirety. This means that the Eero 6 router (Ring Alarm Pro) must also be setup. Now, just because this network is setup, doesn’t mean you have to use it. I have heard of a few neighbors in a similar situation where they have continued to use their existing network and just use the Ring Alarm Pro network as a guest network. I will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team to hopefully clarify and improve this in the future.

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I have the same question, the Ring Alarm Pro as a router is doesn’t have strong enough performance to support my home (both bandwidth and space coverage).

Now how can I connect it into my wifi home? Is wire it to my modem or mesh router the only option?

Can I just connect it to my mesh router wirelessly just like what ring cameras doing?

I have the exact situation! I want to buy the Ring Alarm Pro, but don’t want to use it as my primary router. I also have a large house with a mesh system and satellite points with lots of great coverage. I don’t want to replace that with the eero-6 router and downgrade my performance.

Does the system still work if I don’t use it as my primary router? How does that work? Are there instructions on how to setup it up that way?

Thank you!

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I’m in the same boat, large house with Ethernet. No way I am using this as my router. I am sure they will regret this being a requirement. It should have been better thought through or at least explained better.

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@Tom_Ring Even though I setup the Ring Alarm Pro in it’s entirety on a different network than my existing WiFI 6E mesh system, can your sensors and cameras use my existing mesh system? I already have an installed WiFi mesh system with 3 extenders to cover my home and it would be a waste if I am forced to purchase extenders for your Eero alarm system so that sensors and cameras can connect back to the alarm base.

You wouldn’t need to purchase additional extenders for Eero. You could put your Mesh in bridge or AP mode instead, or as an additional network.

Unfortunately, in Eero you cannot disable WiFi - feature request?

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@su_A_ve Thank you for your reply. My thinking cap is not on today. That will work. Currently, my WiFI mesh is setup in AP mode because I have a hardwired dual WAN router that I am using. I have 2 WAN connections into the house so I use this for either load balancing or as a fallback to the secondary if the primary WAN goes out.

Can the Ring WiFI router be setup as an AP as well? If not I should be able to use it as my router and setup my dual WAN router in bridge mode. I think this would work.

Feel free to check out our Help Center Alarm Pro page, filled with links to setup guides, FAQs, and more! :slight_smile:

Hi, same question other have. However if I don’t need the router, and already have a mesh system, can I just buy the ring system without the “pro” and use my existing router ? Would I be missing any features other than those related to the built in router? Would it still have cellular back up etc…. I plan to pay for the manitoring.

Hi neighbors! The Ring Alarm Pro is designed to be used as your main router. Using the Ring Alarm Pro as a wifi extender rather than as a replacement for your current router is not recommended as you will not be able to access features such as the 24/7 Backup Internet and local video storage with Ring Edge . If you have any other questions on what features are available with the Ring Alarm Pro or Ring Protect Pro, you can check out our Help Center below. I hope this helps clear up any questions! :slight_smile:

I have Comcast internet and have my Ring Alarm Pro set to AP mode so I can use the Comcast gateway. I DO have the 24/7 backup internet and local video storage. All features work just fine without using the Ring as the primary router.