Does a wired Ring Doorbell 2 needs a battery to work?

Can I leave my wired Ring Doorbell 2 powered while I recharge its battery? Asking because will it damage the device if it’s left powered while the battery is out? Assuming here the battery is used to smoothen the AC power before reaching the device internal circuitry.


Asking because my batterie is being drained although it’s wired as show by this symbol (not my doorbell but that’s the symbol I have)

Voltage is 13.8V AC and batterie has drained 3% since I wired it last night (first time it was warm enough for me to do it). If I still need to take the batterie out to charge it, I don’t want to have to also unplug the whole unit from the wall!


Hi @sylvaing. The wiring of the Ring Video Doorbell 2 is to provide a 10% trickle charge into your device so that you do not have to charge the battery as often, but the device itself still requires and needs a battery to be powered. What I recommend is to get a second battery that you can make sure is fully charged (charging normally takes about 8 hours) and then when the battery you already have is close to dying or dead, you can easily swap it out with the fully charged battery and then go through that cycle for the future. Hope this helps clear it up for you!

Thanks for the reply, I’m a bit disappointed by this though.

However, that doesn’t answer my main concern, will the doorbell be damaged if it’s left ‘trickle powered’ for 8 hours while the battery recharges?

@sylvaing I’m sorry if I was not clear in my answer, but the Ring Video Doorbell 2 requires the battery to remain on and functioning. Once the battery is removed, the Doorbell 2 will turn off after a few moments. It’s possible the trickle charge may have the Doorbell 2 still remain on and working for a bit longer, but the trickle charge is providing a charge to the battery, and without a battery there, it will be unable to charge and remain on. I hope this answers that for you, which is why I recommend to keep a spare battery so you have no downtime!

Ok, so to confirm, leaving the doorbell connected while its batterie is out for several hours while charging will not damage it? I understand it will not have enough power to operate it but at least, no damage will be done. Am I understanding this correctly?

Too bad there is no way to turn off the white ring when powered, this is for me a waste of batterie.

@sylvaing You’re right! Leaving the battery out of the RIng Video Doorbell 2 for however long you need should not damage the device itself while it is still hardwired. Also, you’re right in stating that the device may not operate or turn off during this time, but it will cause no damage to the device. If for whatever reason the device does not seem to work at any time after putting the battery back in, I advise to give our support team a call here, but you should not run into this. I just mention it in case it happens, you know what to do! :slight_smile:

If my ring is hardwired to the doorbell, can the battery still be removed to charge it?