Do xmas lights interfere with floodlight?

I have a floodlight cam above my garage. I put up some xmas lights maybe 6 inches above the floodlight. I just walked by it and noticed the light wasn’t coming on. I haven’t got around to messing with setting or anything just curious if the xmas lights might be the cause?

Hi there, @ffff! Your light decorations should have no impact on the Camera or light operation, as long as none are hanging down and touching or obstructing the view of the Camera. My home is decked out in white icicle lights that hang down, just slighting into the view of my Camera lens. The lights still trigger as intended, or at least I’ve not noticed any change. As light type or brightness can differ, feel free to test with lights on versus off to see if there is any apparent difference due to lighting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: