Do wired stickup cams suffer same recording delay as battery stickups

I’m debating installing another stickup cam but was wondering if the wired stickup cam will record everything that’s motion triggered the way a floodlight cam does without the lag in starting the recording. My experience with the battery powered doorbells and battery stickup cam is that they don’t pickup motion and start recording as quickly as the floodlight cam does and I’m wondering is this just because of those being wired vs battery powered or if it’s the floodlight cam just being better? It’s more work to install the wired stickup where I need it but if it will perform better than the battery one then that’s what I’ll do. Anyone have experience with both the wired and battery stickup cams in relation to the recording lag? Just don’t want it to be another camera that only catches people leaving.

Thank you in advance for any help.


No. The wired stick up cam is always-on, recording to a buffer just like the flood light cam does.

Battery powered devices (and this includes battery devices like the Ring 1 & 2 whether wired to the doorbell wiring or not, and Spotlight Cam Solar, which even with the external power sources, are still battery devices and operate as such) are always asleep except for the passive infrared motion sensors, which will wake the camera and then begin recording. This leads to the delay.

Wired devices like the Stick Up Cam Wired will be just like the Floodlight Cam in how the motion detection and recording works, and will capture the initiating event, unlike battery models.


Although I have a Door View Cam and not a Stickup Cam it suffers from the same delay in the recording start which results in it missing the person walking up my path.

Are you able to say what the time delay is in (milli)seconds for the battery-powered devices to start recording as I am thinking of getting some Stickup cams for inside my house but if the delay is too great and similar to my doorbell they could be pointless and never actually record people defeating the point in having them.