Do WiFi extenders work with Ring or do you have to buy Ring Chime Pro?


I have had a ring spotlight cam (battery) for just over a week and have recenty moved it from the front of the house to the back (ended up getting a wired spotlight for the front). In moving the spotlight cam I have noticed that the camera is now getting poor WiFi signal in the location at the back of the house. I have purchased a WiFi Extender (TP-Link RE305) so that it was a two in one option as the WiFi can be poor in the garden for other devices.

Should the WiFi extender I have work with the Ring spotlight cam? When I have tried to connect it I get the blue light flash to say it isn’t able to connect to the network and move closer to the router.

When I connect my spotlight cam to the normal router it works but the quality of the video is low and I would love to get the camera at the best quality.

Any ideas on how to get this working for me?

Other devices are able to connect to the WiFi extender without any issues.

Or do I have to buy a Ring Chrime Pro for it to work?

Thank you Oli

I have the same issue. router 1 is my main router and router 2 is configured as a bridge. It is connected to the first router with an ethernet cable. Devices connected to the second router all work fine except for the spotlight camera. The camera finds, connects and configures but it will not go active when the app tries to activate it. I have tried it in the same room with the same results. What gives?

Hi there, neighbors! Your Ring Cameras and Doorbells can certainly connect to your wifi network via a 3rd party wifi extender. Please ensure that the extender is broadcasting or extending a compatible 2.4 Ghz connection, as this frequency is compatible with all of our Ring devices. 5Ghz is also not as dependable over distance as 2.4 Ghz would be.

As you’ve mentioned adding other in home devices to your wifi extender, it’s important to note the major benefit of a Ring Chime Pro is that it is only for Ring devices, thus dedicates a connection to them without sharing the signal with several other devices.

For a router setup in bridge mode or as an access point, this should certainly extend your network resources. I recommend checking the router’s connected devices list to confirm the desired devices are connecting to the desired access point/ extender. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a stick up cam in a workshop working with a TP link £15 range extender ) working on a signal from my BT Home hub 4. maybe 20-25 meters away from the router in the house. Signal is low as the shed is someway from the house across an open lawn. It works fine. I can view current and past activity from my mobile. if you had the router in a window pointing to the range extender that would be even better. I can’t easily do that.