do sensors trigger audible alarm?


i dont want professional monitoring.

I am wondering if motion sensors and door/window sensor trigger audible alarm?

and can that alarm be turned off from phone?


If you mean will the siren sound and you get alerts on your phone if a sensor is set for away and your alarm is set to away, opening the sensor will triger the siren and you will get alerts on your phone.

If it is alarming you can dissarm the system from your phone. (android, Apple) Without professional monitoring

That said I purchased “proffesional monitoring” for $100 a year and have it set to self monitoring. The key is that 100 bucks gives you a warranty on all your “stuFF” :slight_smile:


ok, thanks.

good point on the warranty and self monitoring.

So, if a sensor is triggered, it automatically and immediately sets off audio alarm? Or does it let me decide when to set off alarm?

Can i turn this alarm off on my phone if it is a faulty alarm?

Thanks for the feedback!

When your system is set to home or away any sensor in that group imediatly sounds the siren, sends you an email, and a pop up on your phone (assuming you have email and push on) Except for you can set “sensors” for placement as main door. That way you get to pick a delay 15, 30 seconds for example to arm or disarm the system.

You do all this from the phone app or the website. I am not sure how you will know if it a faulty alarm or not if you are away unless you also have any kind of camera to take a peek. Be it ring or any other camera.

Not to confuse you, but just to explore. I actually use alexa to arm and disarm. When I leave I say “alexa I am leving” She says I will start guarding your home and sets ring to away. Guard is a feature of echo things that will listen for glass break and or fire/smoke alarms. If she detects these she will send you a popup with a 10 second recording.

When I get back, I say, “Alexa I am home” and she asks what my code is for ring. Orf you can disarm in the app or keypad.

And while I have you LOL. I do not use motion sensors and I do not have sensors on any windows actually. But I do have sensors in odd places like say a closet door or even some inside door. This way I did not have to purchase 15 sensors for windows but I still feel portected.

I guess I have had it a year or so and no false or real alarms :slight_smile:

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