Do Sensors Fall Off?

Hi All,
Just installed my system and I have one question…have your adhesive-applied sensors fallen off?
My original plan was to apply them first and later follow-up with screws (since none are supplied!). They seem to be pretty secure so far.
I’ve had smoke alarms go off accidentally at 3:00am, and it’s not fun…especially for the dog.
Have you had a sensor fall off while your system was “Armed?”
Thanks much…be well and stay safe :grin::+1:

Anything is possible. But as long as you thoroughly clean the surface before application then it should last a long time. However, temperature and humidity could affect its longevity.

Hi @Pelikanyo. As long as the installation steps were followed correctly to install your Contact Sensors, you should not have any of your Contacts Sensors fall off their mounting positions. In case you want to double check your Contact Sensor installation, you can go to our Help Center article here for reference. :blush: