Do NOT buy Doorbell

Wife has been telling me about this product for some time so I read multiple reviews and I decided to buy for Christmas thinking “by now they have probably worked all the bugs out”, so went on amazon and got it, (bought the mounting agle device too), read all the instructions, charged it and installed it, wired it to my existing doorbell, well it is a disappointment, DISAPPOINTMENT, had to say it twice, first the battery does NOT stay charged despite the fact that it has a constant WIRED connection, 2nd when the device “alerts” you there is someone at the door by the time the appication “connects” to the device people are gone, so it is false advertising when the commercials show you talking to “the perpetrator”, 3rd when you are finally able to connect to the device and since now it is too late to see who was at the door you attempt to look at the “event” it then states its loading and it takes again up to 30 seconds, 4th for no reason at all it will disconnect from the wifi and there is no simple way of re-connecting other than unstalling the device, pushing the orange button (which by the way does not always work so you have to go to the next step and do hard reset) so instead of adding automation to my house it has added more work, DO NOT BUY THESE PRODUCTS

At any point did you call customer service for help?

Forgot to mention that I did call customer service after setting it up, they said that the battery should stay charged once it is charged to 100% if not many alerts (??) are set off, (I had had it for a week and it was already below 75%)

Also that the app needed to be active in the background for the device to work properly (not in the instructions) I did it and still no better response time from device

I do have a good router and a wifi extender so the wifi signal according to the device is full bars

I’m just curious. Which model was the doorbell? I had the Doorbell 2 and it worked good. But I could never get the battery to not lose a charge slowly. But I also not wired into an existing doorbell. I was using a power adapter that supplied enough power keep it from draining faster. Recently I replaced it with a Pro and using the same Ring power adapter without any problems now. I never had a problem with delays on either getting notifications or accessing video.
But everyone has different routers, providers and house so not everyone gets the same results sadly.

I have to agree. Having purchased a Ring Video Doorbell to ease answering the door I must report that it is most unsatisfactory for that purpose. Callers are announced but by the time that the application is able to show an image and connect to the speaker the caller is 100 yards away. It does give a picture - not very good either in daylight or at night - but better than nothing, It does record callers to ‘the cloud’ if you have a subscription and that may be useful. For my purposes if you could select saving to ‘the cloud’ or locally under your own control this might make it useful…still got 4 days to initiate a return…

Sorry had to remove my reply.

Do you pay for phone calls still?

Toll free. From the site…
+1 855-300-7289

I have not had any issues with my Ring Doorbell 2 except for 1. The only issue that I have come is that I have to have the distance out to the street because my husband has to park on the street but many times the camera does not catch anything until someone is halfway up my driveway or even at my porch.

This morning my father came to get my Van which is in my driveway and the camera did not even catch this.

Has anyone experienced this? Any and all feedback is welcomed.