Do my wife and I each need separate logins?

Right now she’s using mine also. If I set up separate logins, how will 2FA work and will 2FA make it more difficult to answer motions and rings?

Many thanks for the help!

Hi @1Doorbell2RuleThemAl. We always recommend our users to have their own separate and unique logins. You should add your wife as a Shared User with her email address, which you can learn about here. This way, with her own account that has its own email and password, she can attach her personal phone number to the account for 2FA purposes, therefore allowing you to as well. Please note that 2FA is only utilized when logging in, so as long as you do not log out of the Ring app, you will not be prompted for anything 2FA related when answering dings and motion alerts.

You can learn more about Shared Users here and more about our 2FA process here. Hope this helps clear it up for you!