Do I need to use transformer attachment with this transformer?

I am purchasing a Wired 16V 30vA Doorbell Transformer Compatible with Ring Pro to replace my current transformer. Since it’s designed specifically to be compatible with my Ring doorbell, will I still need to attach the transformer attachment that Ring included with my doorbell?

Hi @kzkwp5. If you’re referring to the Pro Power Kit that is included with the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, then yes you will need to have this installed as it is required for the Doorbell Pro to function. You can find the installation instructions for the Pro Power Kit in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps clear things up! :slight_smile:

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring do you have instructions for the Pro Power V3 kit that is shipping currently? All instructions on your site are for V1 or V2. I’d like to know if bypass mode is possible with V3.

Hi @Rowbot. The Pro Power Kit V3 does not have a bypass option available. If you’re setting up a Video Doorbell Pro 2 and you wish to bypass your internal chime kit, you can do so by connecting your Pro directly to the transformer or by using a Plug-In Adapter.

If you’re wiring your Pro directly to the transformer, make sure the transformer is 16-24 VAC, 50 or 60Hz, 10VA to 40VA max. You’ll need to twist the two wires together that are connected to the house chime terminals (front or back door and trans) to complete the circuit to your transformer. You won’t install the Pro Power Kit V3, and during the setup process in the Ring app, you’ll choose “I don’t need it” when asked if it was installed.

@Caitlyn_Ring Thank you these instructions were helpful and solved my problem. I upgraded my transformer to the Ring transformer off Amazon but was still getting Power Level 1 / Poor Voltage (15V). I suspected my Hampton Bay WL-108 digital chime was stealing some voltage because even though it is listed as approved it has a radio receiver that supports multiple wireless doorbells. After I followed your instructions to bypass the chime and I now have Power Level 1 / Good Voltage (16V).

Question: You reference changing the Power Pro option at setup to “I don’t need it.” I can’t see anywhere to change this setting outside of wiping the device. Should I wipe the device and set it up again with that option, or does it really matter since everything is working fine?


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Hi @Rowbot. I’m glad those instructions helped! Regarding the Pro Power Kit option at setup, you shouldn’t need to go through another setup in order to select this. The only thing I would recommend checking is the Doorbell Chime Type under the Device Settings > General Settings. Make sure this is set to None, as you are not using your internal doorbell with your installation. Let me know if you run into any concerns with your Doorbell’s performance, but you should be good to go! :slight_smile:

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