Do I need to use the Power Kit?

So my issue is similar in that I have no existing doorbell or doorbell wiring and I do not have any space in my consumer unit. Need to understand whether I need to use the Power Kit and where I would install it if necessary

Here is what I have done

Bought the Ring Doorbell Pro which comes with the transformer

Wired in a spare plug that I rated to 3A for plugging into mains socket

Cabled to the transformer using mains terminals 5 and 6

Fitted the transformer into a junction box or single consumer unit

Ran a length of cable to the doorbell from terminals 1and 4

Wired to the doorbell

Powered everything up and it is all good

Doorbell showing over 4000mV on the App and it has been working fine ever since.

Do I actually need to use the Power Kit given I have used the Ring Transformer and my power is ok

Good question @andysteve! If you have the hardwired transformer, you will need to use the Pro Power Kit in the wiring. For instructions on this, check out the “Direct to Transformer” section of this help center article. If you are using the plug-in adapter as your power supply, no Pro Power Kit is needed. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for coming back to me. That diagram shows 2 doorbell pros and 2 power kits?

What is the diagram for one transformer, one doorbell?

Doesn’t make it clear to me.


Hey there, @andysteve. Here is our article on how toinstall your Pro Power Kit to your Ring Video Doorbell Pro!