Do i need a resistor to hard wire my Ring Doorbell?

I have bought a plug in 240v power supply adaptor with an output of 24v AC and 500MA that says i just need to connect it to my Ring doorbell and plug it in, nothing about the resistor. I’ve never had a hard wired doorbell, always had wireless ones so using existing wiring isn’t applicable.

So do i just plug it in and off i go or do i have to have the resistor? If i upgrade to the Ring doorbell Pro, will my plug in power source be sufficient?

Hey @Davek2000. We have a Ring Help Center Article here on this information! This article should give you all the information you are looking for and you’re looking for more in-depth information, please feel free to reach out to our support team here.

The transformer i have bought isn’t a transformer per se, it is a plug in Power Supply adaptor (i know, it’s the same thing more or less) and plugs in to a power supply and the other ends of the cable go to the Ring Doorbell. There is no mention of the resistor and although i am confortable soldering & connecting, i don’t want to install one if it isn’t needed with this unit.

Surely the article that Chelsea pointed you to is clear enough - you need a resistor