Do I need a chime of some sort?

Hello folks,
I have recently fitted a Ring 2nd generation Doorbell and have hardwired it and everything seems to be working fine.

My question revolves around knowing when someone is at the door when my iPhone is not close to me. Do I need to fit some sort of ‘chime/ringer’ to the doorbell and if so do I need to connect such a device to the transformer that now drives the Ring Doorbell or can it be connected by either wi-fi/Bluetooth?
Many thanks.

Did you install the wiring or was it already in the walls?

If so it probably connects to your existing chime and is fine if it adn the Ring are getting enough power then both will work together.

P.S. My Alexa also serves as a backup notification device.

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Hello JoeBevFenn, thank you for your input, much appreciated.

I originally fitted the doorbell to run purely on its own internal battery but, then I decided to hardwire it to avoid the faff of having to take it off the wall to recharge it.
So basically there is no chime in place and I am wondering , if I do need one, what do I buy and should it be connected to the newly installed transformer or will the wi-fi signal be enough?

Thanks again.