Do i have to wait until the Ring Connect Plus trial is ended for cellular back up?

Fyi I’m in the UK, not USA

I’ve just bought and set up a ring alarm, and signed up to the ring protect plus scheme to get cellular back up for the alarm.

However, I can’t see any status for cellular back up on my base station settings page and when my broadband failed the alarm went offline rather than connecting via cellular.

When I access my account it says the devices are on a ring protect plus trial, and that my subscription starts on the 11th Feb (I set up the alarm on the 11th Jan).

Does the cellular back up only become available when the subscription starts properly?

Hi @AndyH. This is a great question! Whether you are on the trial or not, as long as you have an active Ring Protect Plus Plan, you should automatically have your Cellular Backup active and always around in case your wifi is to go out. If you are unable to see the cellular strength on your Base Station’s device profile page, and it did not use the Cellular Backup when your home network went out, it’s best to give our support team a call.

You can reach them at anytime here, and that way they can take a deeper look into this and troubleshooting with you and the device to get that up and running! Hope it goes well and please feel free to respond to this thread and let us know what they did for you. :smiley_cat:

To close the loop on this one should anyone find this in the future - I called the help line but it had to be escalated to second line support. They solved the issue by logging in remotely and doing so being, and my base station now falls back to 3G if the broadband fails. So all good!


@AndyH That’s awesome to hear! I’m so glad they were able to get that sorted out for you so you can feel safe and secure again in your home. :smiley_cat: