Do i have enough voltage

I was wondering if this transformer has enough volts to start my ring wired?? I set everything up and its blinking white. Its telling me that i need to get a new transformer but according to instructions, 10volts should be good.

Hi @OGFlipper. For the Video Doorbell Wired, you need a standard doorbell system with a transformer that is 10-24 VAC, 20VA min to 40VA max, 50/60Hz. If you aren’t sure whether or not your transformer fits these power requirements, I recommend consulting a qualified electrician to check.

Hello Caitlyn,

If you noticed my picture above, it has a minimum of 10v. And my output is rating 11.5 at the transformer and at the door bell. I just talked to Ring on the Phone and the customer service person from over seas told me that the person she talked to after i was on hold, said that the wired doorbell required 16v minimum. I do not know why the advertise 10v minimum if that is a lie. They need to update and i believe give everyone a discount who baught one for they probably had to buy a higher voltage transformer. And look into the technician’s they hire to test and recommend statistics.

Thank you

@OGFlipper I apologize for any misinformation you were provided, but the Video Doorbell Wired is compatible with transformers that are 10-24 VAC, 20VA to 40VA, and 50/60Hz. I know the picture you shared lists 10 volts, but I cannot see any other information about it regarding the other power requirements. I’d also recommend ensuring your Ring App is fully updated to prevent any errors when you’re setting up your Video Doorbell Wired.