DNS Requests

Hi, I setup an IOT VLAN at home to separate all of my IOT devices from other WLAN traffic. Everything is working great with one exception. My Ring Doorbell Pro is trying to access my LAN DNS server at address, which I have blocked by the firewall.

After turning on logging in the firewall, I see the Ring Doorbell occasionally use the correct DNS settings (Google public DNS), but then it reverts to trying my internal LAN DNS server again.

The interesting part is, as far as I can tell, the Ring Doorbell Pro is working just fine, despite its blocked attempts to use my LAN DNS server.

Anyone else see behavior like this or have suggestions what I might try to prevent it from attempting to use my LAN DNS server?

Hi, I believe I’ve figured this out… pfSense is my firewall/DNS server and after running a packet trace, I see that the DNS replies were being rejected due to an invalid checksum on the UDP packets.

I turned on the option to “disable hardware checksum offload” which appears to have resolved the issue.