DIY Ring Contact Sensor Housing

So I have a window in my bathroom next to the shower. There is a good a amount of moisure and steam in the bathroom. I was told the Ring Contact Sensors are not designed to withstand that enviroment. I searched the internet and didn’t didn’t find a way of making the sensor water resistant that worked very well or was compact.

I was looking for a small, compact and water resistant container. I thought maybe a Tic Tak container so I tried it. The contact sensor fits perfectly (see photo). I will place lid down so moisure should not fall into the container.

The small part of the sensor is just a magnet so it should be fine to get get a little wet.

What do you guys think? Will it work?


Did it work out? I want to put one in my shower window too

PLease see the image on the original post for the fit. It fits like a champ and looks pretty decent. I openned up the small magnet portion and added a small coat of caulk on the magent. This was probably not necessary. Worse case they are $4 to get a new replacement.

I tested the sensors and they work when placed inside the tic tac container. I have the 2nd generation sensors.

I will be putting the sensors up in the next day or two. I see no reason they will not work. I would assume Ring will make something simular and charge through the nose for it. My solution was about $1.50 and I also have fresh breath.


When the Ring Community posts were moved to this newer site, the Tic Tac photograph did not make the move over, so here it is again.

I figured a picture is worth a thousand words. :wink: