Distorted audio output from Ring Door bell

I have a 1GB connection to my home. My speed test is actually (990MB/s). The Door bell is wired in my Ruckus Network utilizing CAT-6 cabling. The Video is superb. The audio IN (audio from those outside) is perfect. But the audio OUT (when I am trying to speak to someone) is very choppy and grainy. It is so distorted…communication often fails because they cannot understand what I am saying. I’ve tested this with my wife. Went outside and had her talk to me through the Ring door bell app on her phone and it sucks…it is so distorted and chopped up, it’s a completely unusable feature. I’m here because I’d like to know if someone else had experienced a similar issue on a very fast network. Thanks in advance for the support.

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Same for me, see my post:


The distortion is really bad on the iOS App from Ring. On a Echo Show 5, the sound is ok, although the loudspeaker on the Ring Doorbell Pro seems to be really bad/cheap.

The answer I got from the Community Manager is pointless. This has nothing to do with Wifi signal or network connection.

In my view, Ring has still a long way to go to understand what true customer service and good quality products and software mean, especially for the price of their products.

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Yup, my wife and I bought a Ring Pro doorbell today. I wish I had researched customer satisfaction levels beforehand. We have the same issue with the sound. We did find a workaround that might work for you. In Live Video mode, mute the speaker (icon on Android screen) whenever you speak into your phone. After you finish talking into your phone, wait about 1.5 seconds, depending upon the latency of your system, then unmute the speaker. This method reminds me of using my old 1960s Walkie Talkies. It’s a janky fix, but the person at the door should hear you perfectly. My wife can now hear everything perfectly.

The problem seems to be that sound transmitted from the phone app gets fed back into Ring mic, creating a positive feedback loop that distorts the audio at the Ring speaker. It doesn’t appear that the Ring Pro is smart enough to mute its own mic when sound is coming through its speaker.

Like I said, I wish I’d done more research. I saw Ring and thought there’d be no issues. I am very disappointed, but we have a workaround, albeit a cumbersome one.

Thanx for explaining why my Ring Pro 2 doorbell is a piece of junk.

Did you ever find a fix for this? I noticed my old Samsung Galaxy S5 worked fine, but an S8 and a TCL 10 Pro have the same problem you have. I thought it might have something to due with having more than one microphone within the phone.