Distance requirements

What is the maximum distance from the house will the cameras and alarm sensors operate properly? I have a rear garage.

Hi @ASH26. For the Ring Alarm Home Security System, any device that is connected to the Base Station is designed to communicate to it with an at most 250 ft open range via Z-Wave. This does not account for any interference of walls, appliances and other devices in the home. Therefore, you may need to look into getting our Ring Alarm Range Extenders as needed so that it can reach that far away from your Base Station. The Range Extenders can be daisy chained as needed, extending the range 250 ft open range for every extender.

For the Ring Security Cameras, this range will be based off of your wifi signal. Every neighbor’s home wifi network is different and therefore there is no set range for this. Although, if you realize the device cannot stay connected when out in your garage, that is when we have neighbors look into options such as a Chime Pro or other wifi extenders like the Eero System. The Chime Pro extends your wifi network solely for your Ring devices, but the Eero System is a wifi extender and therefore will extend the range from your router to all devices in your home that connect to wifi, including Ring devices. :smiley_cat:

My extender is next to the back door and about 30 feet open to the base station. The contact sensor is in my rear detached garage about 70 feet from the extender and is now offline. What do I need to do? Also I want to put another contact sensor on the overhead door.
Thank You

@ASH26 It may be best for you to reach out to our support team here. They can look into why the device fell offline, if it’s signal related, and troubleshooting with you to get that back online and the other sensor setup!

I have the same problem and cannot get anything to work. I know regret getting this system.

Extender does not work.

Did you get your garage sensor to work yet and can you share how you did if so? Thank you

Hi @DP11! If your garage sensor is not connecting in the garage, I recommend moving it near the Base Station just for the setup steps. Once successfully setup/ connected, feel free to move it to the garage to see if it remains connected.

Keep in mind the thickness/ material of garage walls, as well as any interfering appliances that might exist in the area. Feel free to confirm which step of your setup is failing and device symptoms, so we can better assist with more specific suggestions. :slight_smile: