Displaying Spotlight Cameras

I just bought 4 spotlight cameras, is there anyway to display (live) all 4 to a Smart TV. I would like to see all 4 at the same time on a separate Smart TV that I have in the kitchen

Hi @goldenlab. While this is not a feature at this time, it’s a great idea! I will make sure to pass on this feedback to the appropriate team for you. If you have any other feature requests or ideas, please put them in our feature request board here. Please note that our devices are not set up to have a continuous live feed and will time out after 10 minutes of displaying the Live View on whichever device you pull up the Live View on.

I would like to be able to do this also. This is a major draw back to the Ring security system that they should address and provide a solution.

Ring cams are not meant for this. If you require this, then a DVR system would suite you better.
I have both. 8 cams on my DVR system with a monitor in my office and access to them in all of my TV’s. Ring I use as a secondary system since having only one system puts you at a disadvantage. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.