Dismiss entry delay without having to disarm

When the alarm is set in Home mode, if someone else comes home they have to put in pin to disarm the alarm then put in pin again to arm again in home mode. Is it possible to ‘dismiss’ the entry delay by putting in pin, but still keep the system in armed (home) mode?
Another scenario is that when we are in home but need to go out quick for mails or deliveries, I’d like to be able to just open door, put in pin on keypad to dismiss the count down and go out while keep the system in Home mode, and when we come back home we should just put pin again to dismiss the count down after opening door.
Is this already supported and I’m just too new to know how to use it?

Hi @xu2885. Although this is a great idea, this is not how the Keypad and access code works. The Ring Alarm system is unable to give you a temporary time to open and close a door. The only way to do this would be to disarm the alarm, open and close your door, then arm the alarm. If you have an Alexa device, you can do this hands free!

Thanks for your reply! I have another follow-up question. When I come home, do I always have to disarm from Away mode then Arm it again in Home mode? Having to put in pin twice feels redundant, is it possible to switch between Home mode and Away mode directly?

Hey @xu2885. Yes. You would first have to Disarm the system from the Keypad, then set to Home or Away. You can switch between Modes only if you are using the Ring app.