Discrepant Time Stamps

Ring changes recording times and file names to the time zone one is in from the time zone where the camera is. For instance, if you’re looking at the history of you recordings from a camera in San Diego while you’re in Boston, Ring will list a recording at 7 pm as having occurred at 10 pm AND say 10 pm in the download file name even though the screen title in the recording says 7 pm.

This of course is idiotic and makes it hard to search and sort and archive chronologically.

Does anyone know a work around, or is this just another dumb Ring glitch we have to wait for the company to iron out?

Even stupider, Ring isn’t even consistent in the way it denotes time between its mobile app and its desktop app. The mobile app continuous playback feature lists correct times locked to the time zone of the camera, as it should. The desktop app history lists them by the time zone you’re viewing them in.

This is just astonishingly dumb of this company.