Discontinuation of ring desktop app

Your decision to discontinue the Ring desktop app for Mac computers is wrong. Customers rebelled when you tried to do this in 2021 and now you’re trying to do it again in 2023.

Your explanation that the web version is better is not accurate. The desktop app is simple to use and I am able to receive notifications in real time.

The only way I can supposedly see notifications (and I haven’t found it to work) is if I am not in private browsing mode in the Safari browser. In that case, you place numerous third party cookies on my computer.

I hope you will listen to customers and retain the Ring desktop app. I’ve compared by the desktop app and browser versions and the browser version is inferior despite how you are trying to promote it as better.

Why not keep both and let the customer decide?

It’s Amazon. They don’t really care. It takes far too much resources to support an old app at the same time as a new one. What sucks is they didn’t even tell customers the desktop app was shutting down. You just can’t log in any more. The Apple App store says nothing. I’m looking at it right now. What they want us to do is buy one of those small screens with Alexa built in. Then you have to say “Alexa, show the front door”, to see who’s there. Then, whoever is at the door hears you and knows you’re home. I just want what we used to have where while I’m working, any motion pops up live video automatically. I’m sure that cost them too much money in server streaming. The phone app is better for them because it only shows a notification unless you act on it.

Also and don’t forget this, nothing to do with the resources taken to support the desktop app. All about tracking you, when you are logged in viewing your cameras, amazon is tracking you all around the internet building up a profile. The cookies placed in the browser track your every move. Using the online ring.com to view events is by far the worst experience of all time, constantly logging in with 2 factor. Mobile app is just as bad, hundreds of domains and trackers connecting to it. I’m looking for a better solution than this.