Disconnect cable from doorbell?

I recently tried to install a Ring Peephole camera and am having no luck at all connecting to the internet. I am trying to troubleshoot and my first step would be to try to connect closer to my modem. So, I am going to ask a beginner question: Can I just disconnect the cable that connects the outer video cam to the inner casing of the doorbell? I’m guessing that you can, but I also noticed I got a replacement cable in my packaging so I’m not sure if it’s a backup or if removing the connection damages it somehow.

Hey @Junebug561. As a fellow Peephole Cam owner, I recommend not disconnecting the cable but instead moving the internet connection/router itself if possible. I know how limiting it can be to and do not want you to accidentally damage the cable and have to use the replacement one for a setup. If the Peephole Cam is having a hard time connecting from where it’s at and the router is at right now, it’s better to try to get the connection stable without moving the Peephole Cam.

I personally had to get a Chime Pro for my place, even though the router is in the front living room by the door. It helped me instantly connect the Peephole Cam to the Chime Pro network that was already connected inside the home, and a bit close to the router than the Peephole Cam could get. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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I did get a signal booster (not Chime specifically). I think I need to set it up specifically for the 2.4Gh network.

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@Junebug561 Yes! Do that and let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: