Discolored video

My doorbell video is discolored

Hey @Russ150. It looks like all the things that should be green, as showing as orange, correct? You can see if resetting your Doorbell helps with this by pressing and holding the setup button for 30 seconds. After a few minutes, check your Live View to ensure it’s showing as it should. If this fails, try removing the device from your account, resetting it and then re-setting up the device. Let me know if this helps! :slight_smile:

I tried resetting the Doorbell Pro and there was no change.
I removed the Doorbell Pro and reinstalled it and the video still has a pink hue.


it looks like the IR filter is stuck. It normally switches in and out based on ambiant light and is used in combination with the IR LEDs to provide you with night vision. You can hear the filter engaging.

if a reset does not work, you can try trapping the doorbell to see if it will release the filter. Or in a dark room, or at night, shine a touch or light briefly into the lens to see if you can "shock " a filter switch. You should hear the filter as it engages.


Amelia from the help line walked me through Resetting the doorbell as you had recommended yesterday. I may not have depressed the side button long enough. Today holding the side button for more than 20 seconds reset the camera and the video is clear and sharp. Thank you for your help.

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