Disarmed Mode Detection Disabled - Still Sending Notifications

Hi - I’ve bought some Ring Stick Up Cameras and added them to my Ring home alarm etc. My wife has the app and I’ve set up sharing. In DISARMED mode, I’ve set the cameras to be Live View enabled, but Motion Detection Disabled. When at home, I, therefore, don’t get notifications of someone being outside in the garden. My wife cannot change these settings - I assume they are inherited from my app / share - however she gets notified every time the dog pops out the back door! Any ideas? I’ve searched the forum and I’m maybe not searching the right description of the issue? Thanks.

Hi there, @JimCallaghan! When using your modes feature to disarm or toggle off motion, this should prevent motion notifications. For shared users, they are able to control their own notifications. While a shared user cannot change settings or advanced features such as modes, they can toggle on/ off their own notifications. Whenever a shared user does not want to receive alerts, they will want to toggle their motion alerts off in their Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: