Disarm mode - turn off alerts but keep motion detection on


I am looking to utilize a mode where I disable notifications but keep motion detection and recording on for my cameras.

Essentially I would like to “snooze alerts” as an alarm setting, for when I am outside. This was the cameras are still functioning, but if I am mowing my lawn or on my deck, I don’t receive continual notification.

If I look at the settings under disarm, I can disable motion detection (which I don’t want to do) but I cannot just disable motion alerts.

Is there a way to have this as a setting, or is there a plan to add this functionality in the future?

Thank you in advance

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There are a few settings available for avoiding or preventing alerts. Motion Scheduling, Motion Snooze, and Modes are the best features to check out. These options can help you to schedule times when you know you might not want alerts, or even Snooze all of your Ring Cameras on demand and for a chosen duration of time.

In addition to the options above, your Ring device Motion Alert toggles can be manually changed in the Ring app. Feel free to also check out our Feature Request Board to vote on requests and/ or make a new request. :slight_smile:

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I have this same ask. I never want to stop recording but there are times (mowing the lawn, working outside in general, parties,etc…) where I expect motion but by no means want to stop recording. Snoozing motion NOTIFICATION at each individual camera is super slow. I just want a “snooze all notifications” for 4 hours or whatever button :cry: