Disarm Mode only turning Motion detection off on one of two cameras

Just setup two new cameras at a second location. Everything works fine unless I go into disarm mode. It only disarms one of the two cameras. I’ve tried rebooting both cameras and still only one camera turns off motion settings. If I click on the gear next to the camera, the one that works always shows the correct Mode Symbol. The one that doesn’t work right never shows the current mode symbol

I was able to resolve this issue on my own. I had to disable modes and then re-enable modes and now it is working.

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Hi @user20820. I’m glad that you were able to figure this out!

How do I turn off motion detected while home.

Hi @Sharlenesh. You can also use Modes to have your Doorbells or Cameras individually stop motion detection depending on the mode you are in, like Disarmed, Home, or Away. This Help Center article here will provide you with more information on how it works and how to enable Modes.