Disarm/Home/Away not in sync with shared user

Recently, I’m having trouble with my cameras not responding when switching between Home and Away (I do not use Disarm). I have 7 cameras. When Away, all cameras are on record and alert to motion. When Home, only the doorbell and driveway remain on.

The other day, the setting was on Home, and I toggled to Away. However, I was not able to go to Live view of my backyard camera when motion was detected. I rebooted my phone, and this appeared to resolve this issue.

This morning, I toggled from Away to Home but got alerts all night from a hallway camera that should have been off to alerts because I was in Home mode.

When troubleshooting, I noticed that while my phone was in Home mode, my wife’s phone was still in Away mode. Both of our phones were still alerting.

I sincerely hope I don’t have to go through a reset of all cameras and a delete and reinstall of Rapid and Ring in both phones to resolve this.

It had been working perfectly up to a few days ago.

Any advice on this?