Disarm/arm Ring Alarm based on time

Hello Ring Community!

I’ve been searching through posts trying to find an answer to my issue with the Ring alarm. I really hope the feature is available, and that I’m just totally missing it, to arm and disarm the Ring alarm by the time. I really need it to set at 11:30pm and disarm at 5:30AM. Lately I’ve been up later than my kids and they’re setting it off! Hoping you all may have solutions for me. One thing I did try was an Alexa routine…epic fail!! Only work 10% of the time. That Alexa is a very finicky woman!!! ?


Hello @Jbros55 ! At this time Alarm mode scheduling is not a supported feature. I’ll be happy to share this with the team to reinforce the value behind it, as other neighbors have also shared interest in this. Thank you for checking and sharing with the Community! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Fingers crossed that it will be available soon!!


This is eay to do with Simple Commands by kloee ( Free app) or with Amazon Alexa if you want to get an Echo


Thank you for the response @LSchaub. I’ve tried Alexa. It works 10% of the time. I’m interested in trying out Simple Commands. I’ll check that out! Thank you!


I use Alexa routines to Arm/disarm my Ring every night/moning by voice but use Alexa routines to turn on/off several Tula plug controlled lights by Alexa timer. Also use Simple Commands by kloee to detect Ring “alarming” to turn on ights and auxiliary siren. Have not seen a single failure in the four months that I set it up. Since Alexa and some or all of these devices use wifi to communicate, maybe your wifi is “spotty” in some parts of ypur house.

There are free Android/IOS apps that check wifi signal strength. I used one to find out that I did not have enough wifi signal to operate a smart light at the far end of my basement

Very good suggestions. The issue I have with Alexa is the disarming. She’s great arming but the code makes her unable to disarm. Is there a specific phrase you use to disarm? I’ve trying spacing it out a bit and even creating a separate phrase to time it properly. Worked a couple of times but too unreliable and my son was setting the alarm off every morning since he’s the first one up.

Just signed up with Simple Commands. It too did not disarm this morning. Seems like such a simple thing to have done yet impossible for me to do so. ?

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And also my WiFi is quite strong all over the house thanks to several Orbi satellites!

I just tested this and it worked. Set up a routine in Simple Commands by kloee to disarm ring. No other actions or any triggers. Create a routine in Alexa with a time scheduled and set the Simple Command routine in the Alexa routine as a “Scene”. My test worked just fine. I don’t personally have the need to arm/disarm Ring on a schedule but I was sure there was a way to do it. Actually, I might set up a routine to arm Ring in case I forget to do it at bedtime.

As a side note, Simple Commands by kloee has the ability to recognize when Ring is the “alarming” state and I use that trigger to activate all of my Tula smart plug controlled lights and auxiliary siren. If you do not define a trigger in SC routines, you can embed them into Alexa routines. If you define triggers, they will function autonomously and control any Alexa compatible devices. I find that S.C. by kloee adds a great deal of functionality to both Ring and Alexa


Thank you! I’m not quite convinced With SimpleCommands. Arming works but disarming does not. Found out the hard way again. My family wants to strangle me!

I have tech support looking into it. Maybe they can fit it out. I’m a little concerned putting my Ring info into SimpleCommands as well. Free service and all. Anyone else feel a little uneasy?

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i am new to Alexa and Ring ecosystems. How do you schedule Arm/Disarm with Alexa Routines? I looked but not obvious on how to do it. thanks for your advice.

It’s not possible at this time. Hopefully they add this feature. You may be able to do it with another app like IFFT or such. But it’s not a simple thing as if Alexa was to do it.

Still waiting for the feature: arm/disarm by time

Yelling at Alexa, going through SimpleCommands or other routines just creates additional vulnerability points.

ADT had a bad interface, but the functionality was there to create simpple conditional rules:

R1: When Disarmed, Arm “At Home” at 10pm

R2: When Armed “At Home”, Disarm at 6am

Most importantly, when armed “Away”, the above rules don’t trigger, so you can go on vacation and leave the system in “Away” mode for several days.


I’ve started using SimpleCommands several weeks ago to schedule Ring arming and disarming. It works fine as long as I leave SC app running on my iphone.

Do we have an estimate on when time based arm/disarm will be available?

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Hi @xkwizit2000! No updates on this yet, but we can see that its a popular enough request, and we love sharing the feedback with our teams here. If you have not checked it out yet, we’ve created a Feature Request board. Feel free to add this and any future feature requests there. This will help us to organize and share your requests with our teams here, as well as allow other neighbors to comment and add interest, all in one place. :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify on the usage of SimpleCommands, Alexa, etc for arming/disarming Ring on a schedule. I have been using SimpleCommands for more than a month now to do the same - arm at a certain time at night and disarm in the morning. Each and every time, the arm and disarm happened on the schedule as expected. Not a single failure. I am convinced that SC is probably the best approach for this, unless Ring comes up with a better native solution. Moreover, Alexa is not needed (as somebody mentioned earlier) - only SC is enough. Also, you do NOT have to leave the SC app running on your phone. I am using SC on my iPhone X.

If you are apprehensive about providing your Ring username/pwd to SC, go ahead and turn on 2FA (two-factor auth) for Ring. That way you will always get a one-time password on your phone if you or anyone attempts to log on to your Ring.

I totally agree. Simple command is the best. Never fails to work. Until Ring comes up with similar features, this app has plenty of features.
Even the geo fencing works with my smart lights. I come home all my outside lights turn on for me.

I use Ring at home and in business. Especially in business (engineering and manufacturing), being able to use a schedule would be of extremely high value. Push it, RING!


I’d like to add support to add this feature. I actaully assumed ring would have this feature because it is such a common and obvious feature. Even my door lock has schedules and geographically based automation features. The schedule is the most obvious one to impliment first. I forget to arm my aux building all the time.