I’ve had a ring peep hole camera for 2 years. Never had an issues and have loved it. Today I spent all day trying to connect it to my wifi after charging battery. No it didn’t work after several attempts. I removed it from my dashboard, connection to my wifi list as well. Still won’t workand won’t reinstall. After an hour or a bit more with support they could find no reason for it as my wifi and password were correct, which camera says it didn’t. couldn’t explain why it won’t work now. I was told there is nothing that can be done, no replacement or anything accept to buy a new one. Well I can’t afford that. A product like this shouldn’t stop working after just 2 years. My only option is to buy a new one. I’ve stood behind this product and revered many to it. Now I’m just incredibly agree. This is wrong on so many levels. If a product does preform and all my other wifi products have No issues ring should be backing their product. It’s a connection issue but not on my end. Again everything else in my house works. Seriously disappointed. The tech felt horrible he could do nothing to help me out but his hands were tied and couldn’t offer an exchange to replace it.

Hi @user42764. Is there is a specific step that your setup is failing at? Are there any special characters in your WiFi password? As a test, try connecting your device to a WiFi hotspot. You can do this after performing a reset on the device. To perform a reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release it. Let me know if this helps.